Soal PAS Bahasa Inggris kelas 8 Semester 1 dan Kunci Jawaban

Soal PAS Bahasa Inggris kelas 8 Semester 1 dan Kunci Jawaban

SOAL-Berikut adalah beberapa contoh soal PAS Bahasa Inggris kelas 8 semester 1 dan kunci jawaban

latihan soal PAS Bahasa Inggris ini bisa digunakan oleh guru dan murid untuk berlatih dalam menghadapi ujian UAS atau PAS. Sehingga nantinya kan mendapatkan hasil ujian yang memuaskan.

Sementara untuk Guru bisa membantu sebagai referensi dalam membuat soal dan memudahkan untuk melakukan penilaian karena sudah dilengkapi dengan kunci jawaban.

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Berikut di bawah ini contoh soal PAS Bahasa Inggris kelas 8 dilansir dari

Soal Bahasa Inggris kelas 8

Soal Pilihan Ganda

  1. Complete the blank space in the dialog below by choosing a, b, c or d for the best answer!
  2. Teacher : I’ve got some information about English Contest. Don’t be noisy.
    Students : Yes, sir.
    I don’t understand C. I got it
    B. Are you with me? D. Can I have your attention, please?
  3. Dorry : Do you understand Mr. Asep’s story.
    Nia : _____(2)_______ He speaks very fast
    I think so C. I’d love to
    B. Not really D. I don’t know what you meanTeacher : If you have done your homework, collect the book tomorrow. _____________(3)________________?
    Student : I’m sorry sir, __________(4)________________Could you repeat?
    Teacher : OK, after you’ve done your homework, collect the book tomorrow. Do you get it?
    Student : ________(5)__________. Ok, I will collect my book tomorrow.
  4. Do you understand? C. Attention, please.
    B. Do you think so? D. Sorry to trouble you.
  5. I don’t understand C. I know what you mean.
    B. I think so D. I’d like to.
  6. Yes Sir, I got it C. I’m afraid, I can’t.
    B. I don’t follow you D. I don’t agree with you
  7. Siti :  Did you watch “Tjimanoek Carnival” yesterday?
    Aqila :  Yes, I watched it with my younger brother.
    Siti :  ……………(6)…………… “Tjimanoek carnival”?
    Aqila     :  I think it was so amazing. It makes me so proud of being Indonesian and we have many different cultures but we are one Indonesia. We must always love our culture. 
    What isC.Can you watch
    B. What do you think of D. Can I see
  8. Wati : What do you think about our classroom?
    Juita :  I_________ it is very dirty! Some students leave litter on the floor
    think B.  don’t think so C.  don’t know D.  think so
  9. Santy : I got 100 in English test!
    Rossa : ___________________
    If Rossa will give compliment to Santy’s achievement, Rossa will say…….
    That’s too bad! B. Good Job! C. Terrible! D. That’s Awful
  10. Tasya :   Excelent! That’s my brother!. My motorcycle is very clean now. You have washed it.
    Tasya : ____________boy you are!
    What a pity C. How diligent
    B. What a lazy    D. How poorDialog for no 10-11
    Aqila : I will go to the beach with my family tomorrow. I will swim there. By the way, _____(10)_____ in the beach?
    Alfa : Yes, I can.
    Aqila :   That’s good. Will you join with us?
    Riana : Ok, I will join with you tomorrow, but I______(11)_______  permission first to my parent..
    Aqila : Ok , I will wait you in my house tomorrow.
  11. Will you swim with me C. Will you swim
    B. Can you go with me D. Can you swim
  12. will come B.  will ask C.  can ask D.  can’t goDialog for 12-13
    Linda : Gyta, We have got many homework.
    Rio : ____(13)_____. I will do my homework at home.
  13. Will you do my homework C. Can I see your work?
    B. Can I copy your work D. Will you do these homework in the library?
  14. Yes, I will B. Yes, I can C. No, I want D. No, I won’tDialog for no. 14-16
    Susi : I often get remedial but you never get remedial and you always be the best in the class.
    Dina : If you want to be the best student____________(14)___________ and_________(15)_______________
    Susi : When I’m confused and don’t know the answer in the exam. I asked the answer to my friend next to me but I still got remedial. I didn’t work.
    Dina : You _______(16)_______in the exam. Believe in yourself and do the best.
  15. You must study hard C. You must copy your friend’s homework
    B. You must cheating in the exam D. You must studying when you’ll have examination
  16. You mustn’t be diligent C. You must be lazy
    B. You must be diligent D. You must confident
  17. must not cheat C. must not do the best
    B. must trust your friend D. mustn’t be too seriousDialog for no. 17-18.
    Nana : I want to be healthy but I like eating fast food. I can’t go diet.
    Rina : I think you _________(17)________have diet, to be healthy _______(18)__________ eat more fruits and vegetables.
  18. should B. should not C. Should be D. shouldn’t be
  19. Should B. Should not C. Should be D. Shouldn’t beDialog for no. 19-20
    Mr. Harry : Look at to your class! What a messy class! ____________(19)_______________
    Alvin : Yes Sir, I will clean it up after I’ve finished eating these snacks.
    Mr. Harry : After you eat your snacks, please_________(20)____________
  20. Go to your class! C. Don’t enter your class!
    B. I will clean it up! D. Clean up your classroom!
  21. Wash the dishes B. Check C. Don’t do D. Don’t litter
  22. Lina           : “May I use your pen?”
    Dayu          : “Sure. …………………………”Don’t use the red one. There’s no ink in it.”
    take the green one            B.  I will use my pen         C.  is this your pen    D. The pen is broken
  23. Budi :  I want you to come to my birthday party tonight.
    Dessy:  “……(22)….. I have a lot of homework to do.”
    That sounds great B. I disagree with you C. I am afraid I can’t D. It is a good ideaRead the text below to answer no 23-26!
  24. Who is invited to the party?
    1. Fatimah B. Rossie C. Dessy D. Linda
  25. How old is Rossie?
    1. Ten years old  C. Twelve years old
    2. Eleven years old D. Thirteen years old
  26. How long will the party be held?
    1. one hour B. two hours C. three hours D. four hours
  27. What will Raffasya do if he can’t come to Keisha’s party? Raffasya must…………
    1. Call to Fatimah C. Tell to Rossie’s friend
    2. Send massage to Fatimah D. Come to Rossie’s houseDialog for no. 27-28
      Alfa : Riana, there will be “panggung gembira” in our town square this weekend. There are many popular singers. Senior high school has no class every Saturday, so I’m free every Saturday. Will you watch “panggung gembira” with me?
      Riana : I wish I could but junior high school still has 6 days school so I have class on Saturday.
      Alfa : Why don’t you ask permission to your teacher?
      (the next morning Riana ask permission to his teacher)
      Riana : Sir, ______________(27)______________?
      Teacher : Sorry, ___________(28)________________. You have to study at school. If you want to watch “panggung gembira”, you can watch it on Sunday.
      Alfa : OK, ma’am.
  28. May I watch panggung gembira on Saturday?
    B. Can I call Alfa to ask permission with me ?
    C. Will you watch panggung gembira with me?
    D. Would it be alright if I invite all my friends?
  29. I Agree with you B. I Think so C. I’d love to D. I don’t think I can make itRead the text below to answer no 29-30!
  30. What kind of card does Tomi make?
    Graduation Poster C. Graduation Announcement
    B. Graduation Invitation card D. Graduation Greeting card
  31. Why does Tomi give the greeting card above?
    To make Zahra proud of him C. To announce Zahra about graduation day
    B. To invite Zahra to her graduation D. To congratulate Zahra on her graduationFor no. 31-33, fill the blank space using the best answer!
    Ayu : What do you usually see in the Ragunan  zoo?
    Neyla : ______(31)_______ many animals in the zoo. 
    Ayu : What do you like most beside looking the animals in Ragunan   zoo ?
    Neyla : ______(32)_______a hugeanimal museum. You can see a giant Dinosaur’s fossil there. 
  32. Soal PAS Bahasa Inggris kelas 8 Semester 1 dan Kunci Jawaban
  33. There is B. There are C. There was D. There were
  34. There are B. There is C. There aren’t D. There isn’t
  35. hugeanimal museum.    The bold word in the dialog above has similar meaning with…..
    Tiny B. Small C. Mini D. Big
    Text for No. 34-38
    Every weekend I go to traditional market with my mom. There are many things I can see in the traditional market. The seller, butcher, fishmonger, fruit and vegie stalls, groceries, fashion shops and street vendors. There are lots of vehicles in the parking lot, such as cars, motorcycles, bicycles, and pedi cabs. My mom usually buys vegetables such as; carrot, tomato, onion, garlic, spinach. Fruits such as mango, apple, banana, watermelon, and melon. She also buys daily needs at one of the grocery in traditional market such as; 20kg rice, 1kg of eggs, milk, tea, coffee, sugar and butter. I like shopping in traditional market. It is complete and the price is cheaper than the price in the supermarket. I can bargain the price but there is one thing I dislike. There is few trashcans in the traditional market. It’s a little bit dirty, stinky and wet during the rainy season.
  36. Every weekend Igo to traditional market with my mom
    The underlined word refers to…
    B. The seller B. The reader C. The writter D. The Butcher
  37. When does the writer usually go to traditional market?
    Every day B. Every morning C. Every afternoon D. Every weekend
  38. What does the writer’s mother buy in the traditional market?
    Vegetables, Fruits and daily needs C. Butcher, fishmonger, fruit and vegie stall
    B. Vehicles, vegetables, fruits and daily needs D. Fashion, vegetables, fruits and daily needs
  39. Which statement is not true according to the text above?
    The price is cheap
    B. The buyer can bargain the price
    C. The price is fixed price ( the buyer cannot bargain the price)
    D. Sometime uncomfortable in rainy season, smells bed, a bit dirty and wet.
  40. It’s little bit dirty, stinky and wet during rainy season.   The word “stinky” means…
    Clean B. Large C. Smells bad D. FragranceFor no. 39 fill the blank space using the best answer!
    Zidan   : _____________ Don’t be lazy. Get up and have some exercise outside
    Aldi   : Okay,  a little bit more, Wait a minute, please.. 
  41. What are you doing? C. Aldi,  Let’s go out
    B. May I go with you? D. Aldi, will you go?For no. 40 fill the blank space using the best answer!
    Mrs.Siti   : Ayu, have a seat. Go back to your group!
    Ayu   : Sorry, Maam.   _____________ return this dictionary to the library? 
  42. can you B. May I C. Will you D. Let’s

Soal Essay

Read the text to answer no. 41-44!

  1. Make a dialogue of asking and giving opinion about the librarybased on you’ve read in the text above!
    Mamat :_________________________________________? (asking opinion)
    Julia :_________________________________________ (giving opinion)
  2. What will you do if you go to the library?
    (Write down 2 things you will do in the library, using “will”)



  1. Make a dialogue of inviting someone to do something in the library!
    Dandi :__________________________________? (inviting)
    Fauzan :__________________________________  (respond; accept)
  2. Recommend 2 things what the visitors of the library shouldor shouldn’t do in the library according to the text above!
    You __________________________________________    (+)
    You __________________________________________    (-)
  3. Make a greeting card.
    Choose oneof the themes below;
    Birthday greeting card/friendship/apologizing/thanking/congratulation greeting card.

Soal PAS Bahasa Inggris Kelas 8

Pilihan Ganda


  1. Mamat :  What do you think…./ do you think../ what is your opinion….
    Julia       :  I think….…/ my opinion …..
  2. – I will read a book
    –  I will borrow a book, etc
  3. Inviting
    – let’s go to the library.
    – Let’s read a novel in the library
    –  etc
  • Okay
  • Yes, but wait…
  • Ok, a little bit more …
  • Etc
  1. Positive
  • you should keep silent in the library
  • you should return the book
  • you should bring a member card if you borrow a book
  • you shouldn’t talk loudly in the library
  • you shouldn’t disturb other in the library
  • etc

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Demikian adalah artike tentang Soal PAS Bahasa Inggris kelas 8 Semester 1 dan Kunci Jawaban, yang dirangkum semoga bermanfaat dan bisa membantu dalam belajar.




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